Colorpencil Painting

One of my all time favourite medium is the colour pencils!
It is all about values and contrasts. This is a time consuming medium but results is detailed work which I like doing. Blending being the most crucial aspect of colour pencil artwork that works to add values to various dimensions. The professional oil based or wax based pencils work perfectly for blending when used with the right kind of archival paper. It extends multiple layers of colours for a rich finish. The myriad array of colours that it offers is a sure pleasure for any colourpencil artist. I like using these in my wildlife artwork.

Happy shopping colourpencil painting!


  “Knobbed Hornbill portraying a heroic poise”

A3 on Archival paper, Unframed


                                         “Owl on Bark”, Size 12″X16″, Unframed


“Humming Bird”, Rs.9000/-



“Robin”, Rs. 8500/-

“Flamingo”, Rs.9000/-









“Rooster”, Rs.10,500/-

“Sparrow”, Rs.8500/-









“Forest with Sunlight”, Rs. 15,000/-, (Without Frame), 8.25″X 11.75″

“Macaw Blue”, Rs.12,500/-, 12″X 15.5″


“Brahminy Kite”, 15.5″ X 12.5″, (Framed), Rs. 9000/-


“Humming Bird with Vintage Cage”, Rs.12,000/-

“Zebra and Foal”, Rs.11,500/-, (Without Frame), 10.5″ X 14.5″


    Zameer vahanvaty
    July 9, 2018 at 6:41 am

    Absolutely brilliant work. Super to say the least. God bless you.

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