Digital Paintings

Digital! how is that?

Yes as the name suggests Digital is computerised art Digital painting is a method of creating art in a computer. It adapts traditional painting medium such as acrylic oils,paints, ink, watercolor, etc. and applies the pigment to traditional carriers, such as canvas, paper, polyester and more by means of computer software driving printers.
I use the styluspen to create simple and story based artwork in abstract or contemporary styles that giveyou limitless possibilities in imagination to create one of a kind. Having a great pallet and myriads of colours available to my rescue saving me much time compared to a conventional painting setup. It is printable on various mediums depending on the kind of painting.

I also like to work with various softwares when required.

The print material and sizes will be customized as per clients requirements. The prints can be printed as per the choice of medium one requires.


The digital portraits of people shown below are not for sale but on display for the clients to know about digital portraits. Customized orders can be placed.

So why not have them printed or even better for gifting! Please get in touch with me for details.

“Rose”, Digital, Price Customised

“Eyes Behind Locked Doors”, Price Customised


“Indian Bride”, Price Customised


“Winters”, Price Customised




















“Horses in a Bran”, Price Customised




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