I adore the vibrancy of soft pastels as it has more pigments and less binders resulting in brighter beautiful artwork. It lends me the opportunity to choose from a variety of surfaces. The soft pastel sticks are velvety, that glide on smoothly lending a matte finish,with hints of underground colour that mimic the overall colour composition is what i I love the most about pastels.

The permanence of the pastel colour is a frequently asked question and my answer is that it is the most sought after medium as it is lightfast, durable and has endless possibilities to create various techniques.

So go ahead and indulge in buying some artwork in pastels!


“Bird in Flaming Forest”, Soft Pastels, 7.6″ X 7.6″, Rs. 4500/-


“Beach”, Soft Pastel, 15″X13″, Rs.10,500/-

“Nude Retro Classic”, 13.75″X10.5″, Rs.7000/-









“Marshy Land”, Soft Pastel, 21.5″X 27″, Rs.18,000/-












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